“I Woke in the World of Impossible Dreams” by Howard Snyder

This is a poem that Howard Snyder wrote:

I Woke in the World of Impossible Dreams


I woke in the world of impossible dreams,

Where all was tranquility, without extremes,

A world full of laughter, where all lived in peace,

Where families flourished, and warfare had ceased.


I woke in a world of things turned rightside up.

The last were now first, and the first took the cup

and offered to help those in terrible need,

and thus in their serving forgot all their greed.


I woke in a world where we all spoke the truth,

Where merchants all offered fair trade in their booths,

Where newscasters stuck to the unvarnished facts,

Rejecting politicized hurtful attacks.


I woke in a world in which sex was kept pure,

And marriage was holy, and vows would endure

in long lives of faithfulness, passion, and praise,

and children were taught how to walk in God’s ways.


The prisons were empty, the jails were at peace,

The children who suffered sang songs of release,

And workmen and women made beautiful rings,

And guns in museums were curious things.


The sun rose each morning with rays pure and fair,

The rain when it came put new joy in the air,

The birds sang fresh music and greeted the dawn,

The fish in the rivers found safe space to spawn.


I woke in a world of things upside down,

Where last things were first and where peace was profound,

A world in which audacious dreams spoke the truth,

And offered new hope, mixed with gentle reproof.

HAS – 1/5/10




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