Indirect Win I find in “Love Wins”

I’ve been keeping an eye on everything thing I can concerning Rob Bell’s book Love Wins for the past month or so and I have also engaged in conversation about the book with those of my friends who have actually read the book. It has been a good discussion.

I had coffee with a friend this morning who leads a Missional Community and he remarked about the stark difference between his former small group and the Missional Community that he leads. In his old small group, the topic of conversation was usually about cursory (yet at some level meaningful) items like KU basketball, guns, movies, etc. What my friend noticed about his MC is that the conversation is usually centered upon Jesus and how God is showing up in the midst of their intentional attempts to engage in mission.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about a video with Rick Warren being interviewed about his new found mission in Africa and his connection with Muslims that he has made over the past several years. When Warren was asked what he liked about Muslims the most he remarked that they seem to talk about God all of the time.

That is interesting to hear from a Christian pastor. As I thought about his remark, I gained appreciation for Warren. He could have said something like this, “We as Christians claim to know the One true God, but we rarely make a peep about Him. But, the Muslim people whom I know can’t stop talking about their god. We need to shape up, don’t we.” Instead, he patiently engages us, prodding us to consider our ways.

As I look back over the past 1.5 months of the anticipation, release, and rebuttal of Love Wins, isn’t it interesting that this book created so much buzz, discussion, and reaction during seasons where March Madness, Opening Day of MLB baseball, and the countless other things that happen this time of year? I’ve noticed that Love Wins, theology, and ultimately God have frequented more conversations of mine than normal.

Indirectly we have a win with Love Wins, because perhaps for a little while, we are talking about God more frequently than we are used to now and even more than we realize.

May we continue to do so.


2 thoughts on “Indirect Win I find in “Love Wins”

  1. I agree–I think that if something we hear/read/see encourages us to think, evaluate, discuss, critique, then it’s good–got to love having our thinking encouraged and challenged.

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