Collecting Place

I’ve been thinking through how different parts of our faith collect around a practice or an event. These practices and events can range from communion, baptism, testimony (or in the case of Emergents, de-conversion testimony), speaking in tongues, confirmation, etc. For youth groups, it is a certain camp that they go to every summer or conference that they attend. I have been a part of a youth camp called SERVE for the past few summers and those students even have an anthem song that they collect around, “Days of Elijah”. The worship service turns into a riot when that song breaks out, and everyone seems to know the actions.

Lately I’ve been trying to be faithful to use the Book of Common Prayer for daily readings and prayers. I love how insightful, simple, and profound the BCP is. It reminds me of the rhythm that Cross Fit gyms do with the Workout of the Day (WOD). The  practice for Cross Fitters is to create a tough workout for everyone to try for the day and to post their times on completion. The goal is to do the best one can in the workout, but it also allows Cross Fitters to have a collective experience. No matter where they live, their fitness level, or their experience, each Cross Fitter is doing the workout personally, but also together with a collected community.

I feel the same way when doing the Book of Common Prayer. I spend time alone doing the prayer for the day, but I know that the same liturgy is being encountered like waves and ripple effects throughout the world as believers from other parts of the world pray the same prayers.

So, give the Common Prayer a try. It’s been awesome.


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