John Wesley quote

John Wesley was once asked what his intention with preaching to all of the people that he had at his meetings. He replied,

“You ask, what would I do with them? I would make them virtuous and happy, easy in themselves, and useful to others.

Whither would I lead them? To heaven, to God the judge, to the lover of all, and to Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant.

What religion do I preach? The religion of love. The law of kindness brought to light by the gospel.

What is this good for? To make all who receive it enjoy God and themselves, to make them like God, lovers of all, contend in their lives, and crying out at their death, in calm assurance, ‘O grave where is thy victory! Thanks be to God, who giveth me victory, through my Lord Jesus Christ.'”


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I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

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