First Week as “Prof”

This past week was my first week as a full-time professor. I had a great time and am gaining more appreciation for not just my professors that I have had in my life, but also for every teacher that I had from K-12. Teaching is a ton of work and it makes me even more sympathetic towards the ratio between what teachers get as paid and the amount of work that they do.

The relationships with the faculty are great. There were only a few times when I was mistaken as a student this first week. I need to probably wear a tie every once and a while.

The students are amazing, probably my favorite part of the week. We had great class interaction and I had great discussions during some office hours and at lunch time. I even had a student loan me a much needed adapter for my computer so I could get powerpoint projected in class.

This week at Sterling we had a Keynote Convocation which helps set the tone for the whole year. It welcomes new faculty and students and honor Kelsey Scholars from the previous year. The address for the Keynote was awesome and it reflected a bit about the past of the college’s history. The tenor of the message was a reminder that God is in the middle of the day-to-day happenings of Sterling, gentling nudging, gradually shaping students, staff, faculty associated with the institution. It reminded me to keep an open and thankful heart as I continue this year.

I’m grateful for the chance to be in this role. I’m eager to see what happens this year.



Published by joeskillen

I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

2 thoughts on “First Week as “Prof”

  1. Congrats, Prof! Have a great semester. We are about to kick off another great year here in Etown as well–classes begin tomorrow at 8:00 AM. I hope everything continues to progress for you, in all you do. May you continue to find joy in your new profession, and may your grading load be light.

    Talk to you soon, brother.

  2. Bob always said ” You learn a lot more when you teach than you ever did as a student. You have to know what you are teaching before you can teach it”. Joe, You can do anything you put your heart into with God’s help> Granma Jessie

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