Ukraine Thoughts 1

We are here in Ukraine. It is 4:36am here. I have been up since 2:30am. I’m sharing a room with Patrick and we’ve been sharing thoughts about God for sometime now… don’t think that I can get back to sleep. So, I’m going to blog a bit.

We haven’t had much interaction with Ukraine, yet. We arrived in Kiev and boarded a bus together with our contact and then have been at a house of an American pastor who leads a large church in Kiev.

We have met several Ukrainian people. They are very sweet and kind. The food that we have had so far has been amazing. We get to eat at McDonald’s which is supposed to be better in Ukraine than in the US. As a McDonald’s enthusiast, I cannot wait.

My team is amazing; good people who are eager to see what God will do in the next 10-12 days.

I’ll keep you updated.

Ging, I am taking more pictures that I ever thought that I would. I’m trying to take as many as possible, Love.


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I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

One thought on “Ukraine Thoughts 1

  1. I am excited for your next post! Your team is truly great, and I am so happy I am a part of it! European american, if you will 🙂

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