Ukraine Update 2

We were in a remote place and I could not get to a place to check Facebook and blog. Much to say about our trip and about Ukraine, but I’ll share a bit now.

The word that I have decided to describe Ukraine is “resilient”. There are a lot of hardships in Ukraine, but the people are always eager to continue to believe and walk courageously.

I’ve met several people from Ukraine that are amazing. One is Pastor Sergey, whom we were able to stay with in the rural Ukraine part of our trip. He has a ton going on and has fistfuls of hope for that part of the world. He told some amazing stories of God’s power working in and through the churches that he has helped start there.

Pastor Andrei, who leads the church in the town we held camp in, has a full heart. He and his family do not have much, but their home is full of joy. He has two beautiful daughters, he speaks so tenderly about his wife, and had a grateful heart as we did ministry in his town.

After every church service, I was able to pray with people in the congregation. The majority of their requests were for their families to know Jesus. There was winsome belief in what God could do through faithful prayer. The spirituality of these people is inspiring.


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I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

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