Missional Communities by Reggie McNeal: Day 2

Still reading through Missional Communities by McNeal, further thoughts:

There is a bewilderment about how the church invests. The N. American church spends $100 billion annually with low returns on investment. A missiologist once shared with me that the N. American church spends $1.2 million per baptism.

McNeal defends the reality that a congregational church reaches people and makes them church people instead of making them disciples/missionaries.

McNeal has a good rendering of the gospel, which he also calls “Redemptive Mission” and says, “Everything that sin broke is being addressed and restored through God’s mission. This includes not just the ruptured relationship between God and humanity, but also the broken relationship of humans with themselves, among one another, and with the rest of the creation.” (20) My dissertation material deals with the gospel we rehearse makes us the people we become/dream to be. I am excited about McNeal’s rendering and believe the Missional Church ecclesiology has the potential to challenge the soterian gospel.

Missional church, then, engages the world, because God is already in the world, redeeming it, bit by bit. Engaging the world requires us to be a people who are missional (engage the other, the other who is already is being engaged by God) and about formation (we better offer the hope of transformation in the human heart if we are going to announce that God in Christ is transforming the world). No more division between an “outreach” church and a “discipleship” church. Both are required; both are energized by the King Jesus gospel.


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