I Made Face App

A couple of weeks ago, I saw others on Facebook making a cartoon-ish portrait of themselves with an iPhone app, “I Made Face.” I thought that it would be awesome to give it a try.

After trying to make my face, my wife Ginger discovered what I was doing and enlisted her help in my activity. Let me tell you, her input made a huge difference; the “face” that we made was more accurate than the “face” I was making.

This made me think about the important role community plays in our lives. We need each other. We are best served and loved if the people in our lives can function to help us see what we cannot. Psychologists say that we are blind to our own blindness (Fundamental Attribution Error). We must have the courage to let others close enough to help us steer through our own monstrosities.

If the people in our lives cannot contradict and correct us, they are mere mannequins, simply scenery or spectators of our demise. Know that most people will only act towards us what we give them license to do so. Typically if we discern that people are not being real with us, we’ve some how communicated to them that we’d rather that they would not be real with us.


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