Foundations- An Allegory

The Ancient Earth became frustrated with the large trucks and noise. After being undisturbed for generations, he was now being pulled apart, renegotiated, and altered. Concrete was poured over him. A new Foundation was being placed over, alongside, and despite the current one.

The new Foundation was excited as he anticipated a new home to be built on top of him. His role was to provide a family a safe, new space to live, dwell, and flourish. The Ancient Earth did not provide the adequate stability for dwelling places, it had to be pushed aside, depleted, and tamed in order to ensure safe, stable living.

As the house was finished and the new family occupied their new space, a bitter rivalry between Ancient Earth and Foundation ensued. Ancient Earth pushed against Foundation’s walls, provoking tiny cracks in the foundation. Ancient Earth, then pulled away from the concrete walls making gaps between the two spaces. Water rushed in, pushed through the cracks, providing the new family with unforeseen “problems” in their basement.

Foundation finally had enough. He held a parlay with Ancient Earth and ridiculed his age, his chaos, and his unreserved commitment to ancient tradition. Ancient Earth’s stubbornness and self-centered behavior was putting others in danger. “Times have changed,” Foundation said, “It is time for you to get with the program.”

During their argument, Sparrow came to mediate between his friends. His words were a surprise to both Ancient Earth and Foundation. Instead of taking the side of one over the other, Sparrow sought a third way.

“The interplay between you two can be damaging, but it also appears to be quite lovely. The people of the house, enjoy their home. They appreciate the environment that their home occupies with the fully-developed trees and scenery.  They also enjoy the modern comforts of their home and the ability to dwell in such a magnificent space. Although the cracks in the home’s foundation are unforeseen and challenging, they make a great fuss over how much they enjoy fixing and repairing these issues. They understand the give and the take that one experiences in such an environment.”

“Humans are a peculiar creature,” Sparrow said. “They appear to enjoy the defects, dilemmas, and paradoxes. The love to curate the collision of old and new.”


To those of us with ears, let us hear the words of the allegory.

May we curate the collision between old and new.


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I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

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