I might be looking for you…

Long story short- I’ve been working on following the Book of Common Prayer, a daily schedule of prayer and scripture reading set within the different “timezones” of the church year. One of the brilliant things of daily prayer and readings is that it allows the worshipper to not be contained within the “timezones” and cycles of the dominant culture. Consumerism has its seasons and it has seized us as a culture. The BCP and the Lectionary (daily scripture readings in 3 year cycles) allows us to occupy a different time, literally.

A significant challenge that I see people like me face continually is the opportunity to be captured by a dream, story, narrative that exists outside of this present moment. The axiom, “all we have is the present,” can be helpful and is intensely theological. However, people can be trapped in the present; the “tyranny of the urgent” can be suffocating. Trapped in the present for days, months, and years is literally stealing our dreams.

Len Sweet has said that the future is the Christian’s native timezone, not so much that we are waiting for a future day to finally get us “out of here.” Rather, we are already experiencing moments of vibrant, eternal life now knowing that God’s future is bursting into our present. Indeed, Christians lean forward.

So, I am issuing a challenge. I’m looking for a person who is looking ahead. In particular, I’m looking for a person who envisions planting a church in a foreign country within the next 12 months. This person doesn’t just have a dream. I’m looking for a person who, even though they occupy this current moment, are already stretching into the future, someone who is “already” on foreign soil, putting the plan into action.

Even though this is not official “church business” at FCC, I want to do whatever I can to get you there. You need me and honestly, I need you, because you are someone who is inspiring and someone who is shattering the present-tense trap.

Am I looking for you?


3 thoughts on “I might be looking for you…

  1. Hi, my name is Kathy and I think my sister-in-law meets your search. If you can email me, I have an email from her that I can forward on and can include her to start the dialogue. Thanks!

  2. Hi, My name is Kathy, and my sister-in-law is a missionary in Mozambique, Africa. I think she may be what you are looking for. Please contact me, and I can get you her information and more info on what she is doing.

  3. Hi Joe,

    My wife Leah (Giles) directed me to your blog, I believe she went to high school (Berean Academy) with your wife.

    Last summer I finished up my MDiv at Trinity in Deerfield IL, and I’m now living in the UK. We’ve been here for just over a year now and are in the process of planting through rejuvenation. It’s a relatively uncommon method of planting that works perfectly in our current situation.

    There are currently two towns (with a combined population of around 65k – 20k are University students) which have 1 dying evangelical church between them. Our vision is to have two vibrant churches in the next 5 years. The rejuvenation “launch date” will be next summer and then our proposed plant launch date will be summer 2016.

    I’d be happy to share with you more details about my family and our journey to Liverpool, as well as everything you could want to know about our current church, the church rejuvenation and the church plant. We’re really excited to see all that God is doing through this process and could use all the prayer we can get! So we’d love to connect with you more.

    In Christ,

    Tim Lister

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