9th Anniversary Thoughts

ImageI celebrate 9 years of marriage with Ginger today. She is an incredible wife and our life together has been amazing. The past 9 years has been filled with so much goodness and joy.

Ginger insists that our wedding day was cold. I used to have a hard time thinking that April 29th could have been a cold day. But, today is pretty cold and it is April 29th… you’re right, Ging.

I remember a lot of things from that day. I remember the dudes that stood with me in my wedding party (ushers and groomsmen). Those are still some of the best dudes in my life, even after all of these years and the direction each of our lives are going.

We almost burned down the church with the ungodly amount of candles that were lit. I felt sorry for my sisters having to light all of them during the prelude… They have stronger deltoid muscles because of it.

I enjoyed how our wedding party danced to “Happy to Be Stuck with You” by Huey Lewis and the News as we walked out. It also proved that Jess Langvardt is still pretty challenged when it comes to dancing.

We got to drive a Chevy Corvette away from the reception hall. I didn’t drive it over 65, though. Typical Joe Skillen.

We surfed in Oceanside for our honeymoon. Truth be told, Ging caught the first wave… then dribbled her head on the ocean floor when she wiped out.

We went to Legoland while we were there… we were the only adults with no kids at the park… We’ve been the coolest cats ever since.

We’ve got the cutest kids, the most amazing friends, and the fullest life I can imagine. 

I love you, Ging. Happy anniversary.


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