Bieber and A Curious Phone Call

My Office Manager at church received what initially was a call from an anonymous person who, “had a Bible question.” I eagerly took the phone call, anticipating a great conversation.

Yeah, right.

The person on the other end wanted to debate their theological vantage point. He was rude, he avoided my questions, etc. The caller was so heated that I anticipated that he’d show up to our church to engage in round 2 of his assault.

After the phone call, as I thought about what had just happened, I wondered, “Did this guy really want to win a convert or to just argue with someone, to have a story to tell his buddies (if he had any left) about his zealous exploits for their faith?”

It reminded me of the reaction that Ginger gave me when I read a headline that Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of robbery.

“Why would he need to rob anyone,” she wondered.

“Maybe to prove to himself and others that he was tough enough to do it,” I thought.

Religious zeal is fine, but we have to check why our chutzpah-rate-per-second is soaring, right?

Does it come from a pure place?

Is our attempt to passionately serve God and others really have to do with serving our own selves?


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