3-minute Retreats

Last week, Todd Hunter shared some time with folks from Tabor College here in Wichita. I found his content to be helpful.

One of the things that resonated with me is how he said that we have trained ourselves and other Christians to practice Christianity “in the margins.” Christians will normally do a morning devotion/prayer practice early in the day or something late at night before sleeping. In between, then, appears to be normal life, and usually (if we were honest) distinct from direct Christian practice.

The goal, then, is to not allow our practicing of our faith to invade the middle, to not have times of connecting with God sanctioned off into the margins.

I’ve used this cool resource, lately, Sacred Space, that allows a person to go on “3-minute Retreats” (or longer, for those who want to take more time). Sacred Space will lead one through a time of meditation, reading, and prayer to help one stay centered and focused upon Jesus.

Check it out if you want help in between the margins.


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