Pleasantly Surprised

So, my driver’s license is not expired but has an old address on it and I’m tired of carrying around the piece of paper that explains why I should not get any grief for it, but it still provokes suspicious looks from people who inspect my driver’s license. So, I thought that I’d go get a new license to rectify the situation.

I’ve been known to show up a bit early to things and to get a bit anxious on these types of occasions. I’m always worried that I will forget something important and be “that guy” to hold up the line… you know, the average people-pleasing instincts. So, I showed up early and was the 4th person in line.

They quickly called my number and I briskly walked up to the attendant. After catching my breath from short sprint I greeted the person over the counter.

An aside: I think that the employees of tag offices and driver’s license centers have insane jobs. They are hectic busy for nearly their entire shift. They are dealing with legal documents and absent-minded and irritable people, all day. I don’t blame them for being south of zesty while on the job.

My attendant was amazing! She had cool hipster glasses and started out the conversation with “How is your day going so far?” (It was 7am, at this point) This was a far cry from what I expected, something like, “License and proof of address…. ppppplease.” (Said in a miraculously monotone, tired voice)

It caught me off-guard! It cracked me open! I was no longer on an anxious errand, but in a… wait for it… conversation with another human being… with a person who has a soul. A life animated by the presence of God… and it was glorious.

She asked me what I did for a living and said kind things about my occupation as a pastor. We joked about the nature of one of the required questions I had to answer, “are you legally present in the United States?” Haha! I am still giggling about that! #grammar

Needless to say, I left the office going, “Can I do this again tomorrow?”


I wonder if that is the reaction that others have when they interact with us in either meaningful or menial experiences? Are we salt that brings flavor to others? Are we light that illuminates even the mundane moments of Tuesday mornings?


Published by joeskillen

I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

2 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised

  1. Joe, I enjoy reading your thoughts. Sometimes they hit very close to the heart, and other times I get lost in thought after the reading. I appreciate you.

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