Technique Thursday: Deep Work

Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything. Which sounds pretty daunting for anyone, right? Where can I squeeze 10,000 hours for that all-important thing that I’d like to enjoy or master or be known for before I die?

Well, if we can break it down to a weekly goal, it might be more feasible than we can imagine.

The trick, it seems, is to try to carve out what is known as “deep work” or a segment of time where the demands of others. Brian Johnson suggests that if we can get one hour of deep work per work day, the total begins to add up.

One hour a day adds up to five hours per week, which leads to 260 hours a year, adding up to 2,600 hours in 10 years. That’s not bad.

If one were to go from 1 to 4 hours of deep work per day, the numbers multiply. Plugging in that increase leads to over 10,000 hours of deep work in 10 years.

So, the potential is out there if we can put in the work. Channeling 1 to 4 hours of deep work can add up to quite a productive future.


Published by joeskillen

I'm a husband, dad of 2, Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS.

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