Technique Thursday: 5 Minutes

I listened to a summary of Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Formula earlier this week. A couple of key points from the book have lingered with me. One of which I shared with someone during a counseling appointment this week. So, I thought I’d share it here, too. When faced with a difficult moment, Elrod suggestsContinue reading “Technique Thursday: 5 Minutes”

Wright or Willard Wednesday: Jesus’ Death

How about this one from NT Wright’s “Big Red,” The New Testament and the People of God: Jesus seems to have believed himself to be the focal point of the real returning-from-exile people, the true kingdom-people; but that kingdom, that people and this Messiah did not look like what the majority of Jews expected. JesusContinue reading “Wright or Willard Wednesday: Jesus’ Death”

Technique Thursday: 10, 10, 10

While reading David Brooks’ The Second Mountain, he shared (in an off-handed comment) a device that he uses for making personal decisions. In the most significant decisions in his life, Brooks employs a 10, 10, 10 filtering system. Let’s give it a try. Think of your most pressing decision that you have in front ofContinue reading “Technique Thursday: 10, 10, 10”

Wright or Willard Wednesday: Conversion

Here’s another ditty from Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy. Willard is giving reference to the provocative appeal that Jesus and his early followers gave to the watching world around them. The life and words that Jesus brought into the world came in the form of information and reality. He and his early associates overwhelmed the ancientContinue reading “Wright or Willard Wednesday: Conversion”

Technique Thursday: Streaks App

Thursday’s are for practical, pragmatic, techniques for everyday living. Today, I wanted to share about an app that is keeping me on track: Streaks. Streaks keeps track of any goal, any frequency that I have. Currently, I have 5 goals in Streaks and it gives me the daily reminder to continue what I started. ItContinue reading “Technique Thursday: Streaks App”

Wright or Willard Wednesdays: Scripture

Each Wednesday, I put a thought from one of my two sages, NT Wright and Dallas Willard, for the sake of sharing a ideas from them that have encouraged me. Perhaps they will encourage you, too. Today, a passage from NT Wright from his Scripture and the Authority of God. The whole of my argumentContinue reading “Wright or Willard Wednesdays: Scripture”