Cyprian and the Lord’s Prayer

Good thoughts by Cyprian, a 3rd Century Bishop from N. Africa: “The Lord has given us a pattern of prayer, instructing us on how we are to pray. He has made it easy for us to be heard as we pray to the Father in the worlds taught us by the Son. What prayer couldContinue reading “Cyprian and the Lord’s Prayer”


Tim Keller Article in Leadership “To Transform a City”

Here are some highlights from the article. You can read the article here. There are 3 layers for influence: 1. A contextualized biblical gospel theology- a ‘God ordained third way between legalistic moralism and licentious relativism.” We need to prevent both extremes. Martin Luther famously said that the church errors in these ways like, “AContinue reading “Tim Keller Article in Leadership “To Transform a City””

The Shape of Practical Theology notes

Shape of Practical Theology Notes Pages 1-95 Practical Theology demands a very specific understanding of the nature of theology. It demands that the theologian holds the practitioner to the truth of God’s revelation in history and that the practitioner hold the theologian accountable to the truth of God’s reconciliation in humanity. (23) Practical theology beginsContinue reading “The Shape of Practical Theology notes”