Spider-man: Into the spider-verse, part 2

I put up a post last week with some initial thoughts from the latest Spider-man film. Feel free to catch up, here. This film set me ablaze with reflection. It was so well-made and thought-provoking. Spider-man has it all, in my opinion. It’s brimming with so much goodness. I fear that I may be oversellingContinue reading “Spider-man: Into the spider-verse, part 2”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, part 1

My son Ezra and I recently watched the latest Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. We both were blown away. I left with my mind on fire about it. So I thought I’d put a few posts together about the film and why a film like this matters. I’ll try to keep the posts short.Continue reading “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, part 1”

First Year Thoughts, part 2

First Year Thoughts, Part 2 After crossing the 1-year checkpoint at Advent as Senior Pastor, I’m taking the space in my Friday morning email to share some thoughts about who we are as a church and what possibilities that we have ahead. If you missed last week’s post, no worries. I also posted it onContinue reading “First Year Thoughts, part 2”

Friday Post- First Year Thoughts, part 1

This post is the weekly email I send to our congregation as a regular correspondence from the Senior Pastor’s Office. I just wrapped my first year at Advent. I’ll do a series of posts to share my year-in-review. First Year Thoughts, Part 1 Hello Advent! This past Tuesday was my one-year anniversary as your SeniorContinue reading “Friday Post- First Year Thoughts, part 1”

Friday Post: Crossing the Finish Line

Here is my Friday email sent to Advent Pres: This year, I’ve been running in a Memphis race series called #runthe901, four races in the city of Memphis from January through March, which culminate in the Germantown ½ marathon on March 11th. If someone is able to finish all four races in the series, theyContinue reading “Friday Post: Crossing the Finish Line”

Friday Post: Healing Prayer

I send out a weekly email to Advent to preview the weekend. I thought I’d begin to post it on my personal blog, as well: A few months ago, Advent engaged in a study series called “This is Us” which highlighted five, critical practices for the Christian life in a post-Christian era. Those practices areContinue reading “Friday Post: Healing Prayer”