Theological Dictionary Roulette – Semi-Pelagianism

It’s Friday and time for another exercise of random theological awesomeness. Each Friday, I’ll open the Evangelical Theological Dictionary to a random page and point to a random term and write a 500-word post about it. This is a fun way to preserve some of the terms that have given shape to our faith communitiesContinue reading “Theological Dictionary Roulette – Semi-Pelagianism”


Theological Dictionary Roulette: Perfectionism

Each Friday, I’ll add a post on the blog that tries to highlight theological words from my Christian heritage. I’ll do this by taking out my copy of the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, edited by Walter A. Elwell. I will open the book to a random page, close my eyes, and then point to a word. IContinue reading “Theological Dictionary Roulette: Perfectionism”

Theological Dictionary Roulette

So, I thought it would be fun to put up a post every so often where I just allow the Theological Dictionary to open at a random page and do a short write up about something from that page. Let’s just see what happens. Note: I am using the 2nd edition of the Evangelical DictionaryContinue reading “Theological Dictionary Roulette”