Creative Minority (Book) – 6 Practices

I’m working my way through A Creative Minority by Tyson and Grizzle. It’s a neat little book that is worth the read for leaders within the church. I highly recommend it. The authors are seeking to persuade the modern-day Church, which is diminishing in participation and power, to resist the urge to seek “cultural dominance”Continue reading “Creative Minority (Book) – 6 Practices”

Book- A Creative Minority

I’m working my way through a lovely, little book that I’ll read again and hope to work through with our leaders. The book is A Creative Minority by Jon Tyson and Heather Grizzle. This book is self-published; some publishing house needs to pick it up! The definition they provide for a “creative minority” is compelling:Continue reading “Book- A Creative Minority”

Rolheiser’s Nugget on the Body of Christ

  I’ve just finished Ronald Rolheiser’s The Holy Longing. I enjoyed the read and have many things to consider. There are tons of pages “dog-eared” for future reflection. One of his strongest arguments is why one should be a part of a church. He notes that a pattern exists in Jesus’ ministry. At first, JesusContinue reading “Rolheiser’s Nugget on the Body of Christ”

Rohr’s Everything Belongs Coda

I enjoyed Richard Rohr’s Everything Belongs and his Conclusion chapter. He put a few bullet points together to summarize the main points. I’m putting them down, here, so I can keep them handy. Read further if you are interested: – God is to be found in all things, even and most especially in the painful,Continue reading “Rohr’s Everything Belongs Coda”

To the Center

I started Richard Rohr’s Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer today. One of the opening pages asks some haunting questions- How do you make attractive that which is not? How do you sell emptiness, vulnerability, and nonsuccess? How do you talk descent when everything is about ascent? How can you possibly market letting-go inContinue reading “To the Center”

12 Rounds with 1 Book in 1 Year

I’ve thought of an interesting idea for my reading load in 2014. I am going to read a Christian Formation book 12 times in 1 year. I’ve already completed Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life this year and I think that I’d like to read it 11 more timesContinue reading “12 Rounds with 1 Book in 1 Year”

Missional Communities by Reggie McNeal: Day 3

McNeal’s Missional Communities outlines a few different churches who are doing many different things to develop missional faithfulness in their own context. These are great stories, read them on your own time. I particularly like Mike Breen’s 3DM story. I am hoping to check a 3DM conference out soon. In the end McNeal gives someContinue reading “Missional Communities by Reggie McNeal: Day 3”