Nouwen’s “In the Name of Jesus” notes

Henri Nouwen is a baller! Straight up wisdom in every book I’ve read of his, but In the Name of Jesus is amazing. In a time of church history when many self-proclaimed prophets are all around, Nouwen proves to operate in true exhortation and comfort. Here are a few thoughts from it that I wantedContinue reading “Nouwen’s “In the Name of Jesus” notes”

Thoughts on ‘Erasing Hell’

I’m in an airport @ 4:45 am and am beginning to read Chan & Sprinkle’s Erasing Hell. Here are some random comments from someone who doesn’t know much, ha. When I heard that Chan was putting out a book on Hell, I was a bit nervous for him. His other books were a little “footnote/endnote-Continue reading “Thoughts on ‘Erasing Hell’”

Stats and Quotes on Giving from “The Hole in Our Gospel”

Been reading through the giving and statistics in The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns. Need to put these in the cloud: The total annual income of American churchgoers- $5.2 trillion American Christians make up 5% of worldwide Christians, but control 1/2 half of the Christian wealth. It would take only 1% of theContinue reading “Stats and Quotes on Giving from “The Hole in Our Gospel””

Tension of Discipleship/Discovery/Presence

Re-reading Chuck Conniry’s Soaring in the Spirit. Looking into the way of discovering Christ and the way of new creation and mystery. Conniry sketches the disposition of the Protestant world after the Reformation and the ways different faith groups developed “plans” of growing in Christ. On the one hand, gaining knowledge was the way ofContinue reading “Tension of Discipleship/Discovery/Presence”

Church in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt

Over the past month I have finished a few books, one of which was Church in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt. I like Doug and his work that he has done in the past, especially his book on preaching. This book was great; taking a look at how the church has adapted to theContinue reading “Church in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt”

Elements of NT Organic Church by Viola

In Frank Viola’s Finding Organic Church, he lists 3 elements that correlate with the Godhead, with the life of Jesus and the Apostles, and with the framework of the 1st Century Church. (chapter 3) 1. To live by the divine life 2. To experience the fellowship of the divine community. (organic church life) 3. ToContinue reading “Elements of NT Organic Church by Viola”

Jim McClendon’s 4 stages of the Christian Life

Chuck Conniry shares Jim McClendon’s 4 stages of the Christian life in Soaring in the Spirit: 1. Introduction- our first encounter with the way of Christ. The church has often used catechism and instruction to facilitate this phase of a believer’s life. It is filled with knowledge intake, instruction. 2. Initiation- this is the transitionContinue reading “Jim McClendon’s 4 stages of the Christian Life”

Almost Christian by Kenda Dean part 1

Beginning to read Almost Christian by Kenda Dean. It was recommended highly by a couple of friends and ministry professionals… here goes nothing. “An almost Christian… [chiefly] is one that… is fond of the form, but never experiences the power of godliness in his heart.” -George Whitefield, “The Almost Christian” 1739 “The Church is fullContinue reading “Almost Christian by Kenda Dean part 1”