Willard and the Sermon on the Mount

In the first 3 chapters of The Divine Conspiracy Willard frames the need for someone to help us to learn “the inverted life,” to embrace the life that God has for his creation. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) provides access to Jesus’ thoughts on the kingdom and how one might seek first theContinue reading “Willard and the Sermon on the Mount”

Gospel of Sin Management 2

I’m tracing an important theme of Willard’s in The Divine Conspiracy, The Gospel of Sin Management. My previous post laid down some initial thoughts. Willard suggests that there is a “gospel gap” among those generally on the “right” and the “left.” These battle lines have been drawn since the first 2 decades of the 20thContinue reading “Gospel of Sin Management 2”

Gospel of Sin Management

In The Divine Conspiracy, Willard takes to task popular ideas of salvation and gospel with the theme of “The Gospel of Sin Management.” I will take the next few posts to outline the contours of this classic Willard idea. He notes the popular bumper sticker, “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” This bumper sticker philosophy (andContinue reading “Gospel of Sin Management”

Jesus, according to Dallas Willard

I’ve been re-reading Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy. You can keep up on other posts as I do by clicking the “Dallas Willard” Category link on the blog. The opening chapter of TDC outlines the plight that Willard claims that we have as humans in this current historical moment. Willard takes great lengths to outline whatContinue reading “Jesus, according to Dallas Willard”