Healing Prayer Practices

I am in the middle of a DMin program and challenged myself to write a bit this summer before classes resumed in August. I woke this morning with a bit of urgency (caffeine-induced urgency, to be exact) to get some thoughts down. I really don’t know if anyone will read it or even care. ThatContinue reading “Healing Prayer Practices”


Closing lines from “The Great Giveaway”, David Fitch

David Fitch’s The Great Giveaway is a great book. The last page is a mini manifesto that is a capstone for the whole book. I wanted to share it and place it in the cloud to remember: “I imagine our congregations becoming smaller, not bigger, yet teeming with the life of his body. And IContinue reading “Closing lines from “The Great Giveaway”, David Fitch”

The Gospel According to Starbucks, Len Sweet notes- part 1

I’m finally getting a chance to read The Gospel According to Starbucks by Len Sweet. I normally have to keep notes when reading Sweet’s books… too much to try to remember. “Organized religion has been assuming that because it has a better product- namely, God- that it simply needs to open the doors and customersContinue reading “The Gospel According to Starbucks, Len Sweet notes- part 1”

Ministry in an Oral Culture: Tex Sample

This has been a great book to read. It is short and a fast read. Sample argues that the majority of our culture is an oral culture, therefore our communication and mission need to be tailored to that culture. This is a challenging work for seminary professionals who have been trained in literate settings. ThereContinue reading “Ministry in an Oral Culture: Tex Sample”