Wright or Willard Wednesdays: Power

NT Wright published a neat little book on faith and public life, basically a view of what a Christian politic might look like with the NT book of Acts as a starting point. Near the end of the book, Wright suggests how God might be at work in the world: As for power, when peopleContinue reading “Wright or Willard Wednesdays: Power”

Wright or Willard Wednesday: Apologetics

Dallas Willard passed away on May 8th, 2013. Truly a sad day for many in the Christian world. Dallas was in the midst of writing a book on apolgetics (defense of the faith) as he was passing. The book was completed posthumously and reveals many of his intellectual claims for the Christian faith. You canContinue reading “Wright or Willard Wednesday: Apologetics”

Wright or Willard Wednesday: Jesus’ Appearing

Each Wednesday, I’ll try to offer a short thought from a couple of my favorite sages: NT Wright and Dallas Willard. Today, a long quotation from Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy. In this quotation, Willard reveals how it was God’s plan to arrive among us through ordinary means: He slipped into our world through theContinue reading “Wright or Willard Wednesday: Jesus’ Appearing”

Creative Minority (Book) – 6 Practices

I’m working my way through A Creative Minority by Tyson and Grizzle. It’s a neat little book that is worth the read for leaders within the church. I highly recommend it. The authors are seeking to persuade the modern-day Church, which is diminishing in participation and power, to resist the urge to seek “cultural dominance”Continue reading “Creative Minority (Book) – 6 Practices”

Book- A Creative Minority

I’m working my way through a lovely, little book that I’ll read again and hope to work through with our leaders. The book is A Creative Minority by Jon Tyson and Heather Grizzle. This book is self-published; some publishing house needs to pick it up! The definition they provide for a “creative minority” is compelling:Continue reading “Book- A Creative Minority”

Rolheiser’s Nugget on the Body of Christ

  I’ve just finished Ronald Rolheiser’s The Holy Longing. I enjoyed the read and have many things to consider. There are tons of pages “dog-eared” for future reflection. One of his strongest arguments is why one should be a part of a church. He notes that a pattern exists in Jesus’ ministry. At first, JesusContinue reading “Rolheiser’s Nugget on the Body of Christ”