Christian Community Quotation

Twentieth-century Russian Georges Florovsky wrote, “Christianity entered history as a new social order, or rather a new social dimension. From the very beginning Christianity was not primarily a ‘doctrine,’ but exactly a ‘community.’ There was not only a ‘Message’ to be proclaimed and delivered, and ‘Good News’ to be declared. There was precisely a NewContinue reading “Christian Community Quotation”

Love Letters and Sermons (idea from Peter Rollins)

I heard an idea from Peter Rollins that has been eating at me all day. He said that love letters always find their destination. A love letter isn’t so much written to another person, but to ourselves. When someone else receives a love letter from us, they are actually watching a conversation/a working out thatContinue reading “Love Letters and Sermons (idea from Peter Rollins)”

Wednesday is for… Doubt. Quotations about Doubt

“There is no philosopher in the world so great but he believes a million things on the faith of other people and accepts a great many more truths than he demonstrates.” -Alexis de Tocqueville “Life is a battle between faith and reason in which each feeds upon the other, drawing sustenance from it and destroyingContinue reading “Wednesday is for… Doubt. Quotations about Doubt”

Shane Hipps- Salvation as Liberation

Shane Hipps’ thoughts I Salvation. This message came in a Christmas sermon: “Among other things, Jesus liberates by mediating God’s Presence to us. In the midst of our pains and prisons, Jesus liberates us through Presence. God’s Presence is a subtle, unique, and powerful kind of liberation. It does not promise to change our circumstance,Continue reading “Shane Hipps- Salvation as Liberation”

Peter Rollins Quotation of love

“In a very precise sense, then, love’s presence cannot be described as existing, but rather is that which calls others into existence; for to exist literally means to stand forth from the background, to be brought forth. As we have mentioned, love does not stand forth and vie for our attention but rather brings othersContinue reading “Peter Rollins Quotation of love”

An Untitled Prayer by St. Francis

Almighty, eternal and merciful God, grant us in our misery [the grace] to do for You alone What we know You want us to do, and always to desire what pleases You. Thus, inwardly cleansed, interiorly enlightened, and inflamed by the fire of the Holy Spirit, may we be able to follow in the footstepsContinue reading “An Untitled Prayer by St. Francis”