Gospel According to Starbucks part 3

Sprezzatura is an inherently contradictory, even ironic, word: it means the ability to make hard things look easy, the effort to appear effortless, the grace of gawkiness, a tour de force performance designed not to look performative.” (90) “The key to sprezzatura is paradox, the audacious algebra of the spiritual, the natural language of faith.Continue reading “Gospel According to Starbucks part 3”

Gospel According to Starbucks, pt 2

Christianity in the Premodern world engaged the five senses regularly. (55-56) “Don’t focus on what it believes or its official statement of faith; rather, consider how much time your church expends in creating beauty. What does it do to develop embodied practices and multisensory experiences? For most of Christian history, the church was the majorContinue reading “Gospel According to Starbucks, pt 2”

Closing lines from “The Great Giveaway”, David Fitch

David Fitch’s The Great Giveaway is a great book. The last page is a mini manifesto that is a capstone for the whole book. I wanted to share it and place it in the cloud to remember: “I imagine our congregations becoming smaller, not bigger, yet teeming with the life of his body. And IContinue reading “Closing lines from “The Great Giveaway”, David Fitch”

The Gospel According to Starbucks, Len Sweet notes- part 1

I’m finally getting a chance to read The Gospel According to Starbucks by Len Sweet. I normally have to keep notes when reading Sweet’s books… too much to try to remember. “Organized religion has been assuming that because it has a better product- namely, God- that it simply needs to open the doors and customersContinue reading “The Gospel According to Starbucks, Len Sweet notes- part 1”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel quotation

There were a couple of neat things in the Common Prayer morning prayers this morning: Quotation from Abraham Joshua Heschel, “I did not ask for success; I asked for wonder. And You gave it to me.” The closing prayer was as follows, “You hear our prayers whether they are full of thanksgiving or full ofContinue reading “Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel quotation”

Pastoral Questions to be Asked by David Fitch

In The Great Giveaway, David Fitch recommends asking a series of questions to really check the spiritual vitality of a faith community: Towards a Disciple in the community: – When was the last time someone spoke a hard truth in your life? – When was the last time you confessed sin to someone you feltContinue reading “Pastoral Questions to be Asked by David Fitch”