Something More from the Sermon: Interpretation

  We at Peachtree are making our way through the first few passages of Genesis as a way to begin our new year. Yesterday, we considered the creation story in Genesis 1 and early in the message I wanted to sketch the importance of interpretation. In doing so, I tried to highlight a couple of extremesContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon: Interpretation”

Something More from the Sermon: Bethlehem

Yesterday’s message was an interesting challenge of weaving together the theme of God’s love, celebrating Confirmation for over 100 students in our church, and reflecting on the Bethlehem candle for the season of Advent. I had a great time trying to give as much time to each of these as I could. I wish IContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon: Bethlehem”

Something More from the Sermon: Presumption

I listened, with gladness, to Pastor Vic’s sermon yesterday to launch our church into the Advent season. Yesterday, we lit the Prophecy Candle, reminding us that Jesus’ arrival did not appear out of thin air, nor did the early followers of Jesus invent it. God’s purpose and plan was something that was whispered and hintedContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon: Presumption”

Something More from the Sermon: Without Why

Our family is in Wichita for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was able to preach at GracePoint Church, where I was on staff before we moved to Atlanta. It’s a great church with a fun group of people. They were in the middle of a series called “Whatever It Takes” sharing about the important traits of aContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon: Without Why”

Something More from the Sermon: Zacchaeus

Yesterday, we spent the morning talking about the theme of Justice and how its every Christian’s calling to work to help the oppressed. We were blessed to have Richard Sterns from World Vision share and to have a Justice experience in the Fellowship hall to add to our conversation. Yesterday, I shared about Zacchaeus’ interactionContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon: Zacchaeus”

Preaching is Like… An Uncomfortable Mattress

  I’ve been putting some work towards a book on preaching and since I didn’t preach this last weekend, I thought that I would share a thumbnail of some of that content in place of the Monday afternoon “Something More from the Sermon” post. The gist, the pitch to Preaching is Like… Speed-Dating- Preaching is easy andContinue reading “Preaching is Like… An Uncomfortable Mattress”

Something More from the Sermon, 11/2 – Feeding of the 5000

I’m adding a Monday special to the blog where I take 500 words and add something from the sermon from the previous day. A point or two that I didn’t have time or space to develop further during the message. Yesterday we gave the opportunity to our people to pledge a financial commitment for ourContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon, 11/2 – Feeding of the 5000”