Church in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt

Over the past month I have finished a few books, one of which was Church in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt. I like Doug and his work that he has done in the past, especially his book on preaching. This book was great; taking a look at how the church has adapted to theContinue reading “Church in the Inventive Age by Doug Pagitt”

Elements of NT Organic Church by Viola

In Frank Viola’s Finding Organic Church, he lists 3 elements that correlate with the Godhead, with the life of Jesus and the Apostles, and with the framework of the 1st Century Church. (chapter 3) 1. To live by the divine life 2. To experience the fellowship of the divine community. (organic church life) 3. ToContinue reading “Elements of NT Organic Church by Viola”

Tim Keller Article in Leadership “To Transform a City”

Here are some highlights from the article. You can read the article here. There are 3 layers for influence: 1. A contextualized biblical gospel theology- a ‘God ordained third way between legalistic moralism and licentious relativism.” We need to prevent both extremes. Martin Luther famously said that the church errors in these ways like, “AContinue reading “Tim Keller Article in Leadership “To Transform a City””