Theological Dictionary Roulette: Perfectionism

Each Friday, I’ll add a post on the blog that tries to highlight theological words from my Christian heritage. I’ll do this by taking out my copy of the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, edited by Walter A. Elwell. I will open the book to a random page, close my eyes, and then point to a word. IContinue reading “Theological Dictionary Roulette: Perfectionism”

Something More from the Sermon, 11/2 – Feeding of the 5000

I’m adding a Monday special to the blog where I take 500 words and add something from the sermon from the previous day. A point or two that I didn’t have time or space to develop further during the message. Yesterday we gave the opportunity to our people to pledge a financial commitment for ourContinue reading “Something More from the Sermon, 11/2 – Feeding of the 5000”

TimeHop and Christian Formation

As a dad, I’ve enjoyed the TimeHop app because it pulls pictures and status updates from my different social media profiles, reminding me of what happened on the current date for the past few years. For instance, 2 years ago today, I posted a short video of Avery and Ezra riding a longboard skateboard downContinue reading “TimeHop and Christian Formation”