Time Warp 1- “Help, My church has a 1 Week Memory”

Every individual and community must go through the process of constructing memory. A recent expression of this was when Microsoft announced that they had a placed Andrew Assad to serve as “Chief Storyteller”. What a job that would be? Isn’t that the “true” role for those who serve as leaders and supporters in local congregations?Continue reading “Time Warp 1- “Help, My church has a 1 Week Memory””

It’s cool being part of a smaller college

I’ve been amazed about the amount of times (and the oddest of places) I have conversations with people because I teach at Sterling College. Yesterday, while frantically grading papers at Starbucks, a lady on the way out of Starbucks (Note: she was in a hurry; it appeared as if she was with her mother-in-law, whomContinue reading “It’s cool being part of a smaller college”

Prophetic Voice at… Panera Bread

I’ve been to Panera Bread a couple of times in the past 2 days and have noticed something that is really cool. If you look closely at the name tags of employees, they not only have their names, but there is also a space where they can fill in something that they are interested in.Continue reading “Prophetic Voice at… Panera Bread”

Up from the soil, part 1 (maybe)

I’ve been working through some thoughts on Indigenous church. This may turn into a series of posts, we’ll see. Indigenous means, “up from the soil”. The basic idea is applied directly in international church planting/missions. The aim is to not make a church in Cambodia look exactly like a church in Camden, NJ. There isContinue reading “Up from the soil, part 1 (maybe)”

Pentecost- from a Jewish perspective

I was recently given a gift; a Jewish Commentary of the NT. Here is an Amazon link to the book. I’m doing some research over the Pentecost narrative in Acts 2 for my dissertation. I thought this perspective was useful and wanted to get it written down, somewhere. Pentecost (Shavu’ot in Hebrew) was a pilgrimContinue reading “Pentecost- from a Jewish perspective”