Walking out of Worry, Day 12

For Day 12 of Walking Out of Worry, we gathered as a church community to share communion and to bring our requests to God. Ultimately, we were able to practice a way to give our worries to a loving God and to see how our community is stitched together with prayer and encouragement. It wasContinue reading “Walking out of Worry, Day 12”

Walking out of Worry, Day 10

We are in Day 10 of the walking out of worry process. If you’d like to join in on the journey, feel free to download the material here. A part of today’s activity is to watch an inspirational video called “Landfill Harmonic.” If you have not watched the video, I encourage you to and youContinue reading “Walking out of Worry, Day 10”

Walking out of Worry, Day 6

Day 6 in the walking out of worry is all about breathing. The way we breath helps our bodies switch gears and helps us to relax. The challenge today is to take deep breaths from our “belly” (instead of our chest) and to slowly exhale. On the 5th exhale, whisper “relax.” A steady stream ofContinue reading “Walking out of Worry, Day 6”

Walking out of Worry, Day 5

Today’s emphasis in walking out of worry is to quit something. Bob Goff encourages us to quit something every Thursday in order to remove what is unnecessary, to get our lives back, bit by bit. Walking away from excess helps to train us to break away from other worrisome issues in our lives. Today, IContinue reading “Walking out of Worry, Day 5”

Walking out of Worry, Day 4

GracePoint Church is creating a pathway for folks to walk out of worry. We meditated on the command/invitation of Jesus “Do not worry about your lifeā€¦” (Matthew 6:25) If you would like to walk with us, here is the online version of our pathway and plan. Today’s post is centered on the idea of forgiveness.Continue reading “Walking out of Worry, Day 4”

Walking Out of Worry, Day 3

My church is participating in a 14-day commitment to walking out of worry. If you’d like to follow along, download the resource, here. Today we are praying an ancient prayer that helps us to engage the anxious parts of a usual day. Prayers operate in a variety of ways, including refocusing our attention to ourContinue reading “Walking Out of Worry, Day 3”