What Preachers Tell Us, Part 2… Brother Joe

The first pastor I remember was named Joe! Imagine that. He was a young seminary graduate from Texas who served our family’s American Baptist Church in Norwich, KS. I remember my dad enjoying his thoughtful sermons and sincere approach to talking about the Christian faith. He ministered at the church at about the time myContinue reading “What Preachers Tell Us, Part 2… Brother Joe”

What Preachers Tell Us… Intro

On Podcast episode 660 of NPR’s This American Life, author Shalom Auslander shared a true story called “The Blessing Bee.” As Auslander mentioned peculiar points of reference concerning his rabbinical training, he repeated a refrain that went something like this, “Rabbi _______ told us, That the Sages tell us, That the Torah tells us…” AuslanderContinue reading “What Preachers Tell Us… Intro”